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Tritium Stair Nosings

It’s a bit like magic.

Not quite perpetual motion, but almost as clever. These look, in ordinary light, like a conventional un-illuminated aluminium stair nosing. In darkness, they are far from ordinary. Each nosing contains a strip of aircraft grade high intensity strontium based photoluminescent material. But the clever bit is the addition of small tritium gas lighting device (TGLD). These devices glow, at about the same intensity as photoluminescent signs but require absolutely no electricity, not being charged by ambient light or any other source of energy.

The advantage of this system starts at installation. They are quick and cheap to install as they require no power source or cables. They do not need a maintenance schedule as there is nothing to fail or replace. Most importantly, they are always “On”. They cannot be disabled or switched off.

What is Tritium?

Tritium is a low grade radio active gas. In a nosing, the gas is encased in a borosilicate glass tube whose inside is coated with phosphor. As  the gas emits  beta particles, these strike the phosphor coating and a photon is created. A photon is a little packet of light. It’s these that create the glow.

These illuminated stair nosings are always there and whilst the light does dim over time, they are effective for up to 20 years.

The lights are encased in a plastic rectangular tube and are completely sealed and represent absolutely no danger.

These units are ideal in all nosing applications .

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