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Self-powered Tritium Signs


Self-Powered and Reliable

Needing no mains power, generators, batteries, or external light source, Waypoint tritium signs make a real contribution to energy conservation and are unique in terms of self-sufficiency and stand-alone reliability. Waypoint self-powered signs have been approved by Certifying Authorities to withstand substantial vibration, impacts and even severe environmental conditions, remaining operational in temperatures between -60° to +80°Centigrade. Sign text and legend are clearly legible in light, dark and twilight. A tough polycarbonate enclosure provides a high level of damage resistance.

Always on Duty

A Waypoint self powered tritium sign  cannot be switched off deliberately or accidentally and are self-illuminating for fifteen years. They contain no moving parts and pose no fire threat. Waypoint self-powered signs will operate normally when sprinklers or deluge systems are activated. They are totally reliable and fail-safe in any environmental condition, making them suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres.

British Standard 5499 Part 2 states luminance levels for these signs. Within one month of manufacture the luminance level must not be less than 0.51 candellas per metre squared (cd/m2). The minimum allowable luminance level under this standard is 0.14cd/m2. This level is reached after a minimum of 15 years, hence the recommendation that they are replaced after this period of time.

Over time the tritium eventually decays away to non-radioactive Helium-3.


Legends to EN and British Standards




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