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Hygienic PVC Sheet

We’re proud to be installers for some of the most prestigious suppliers of hygienic PVC sheet.

PVC sheet cladding is widely accepted as a superior alternative to other wall covering methods as far as hygiene is concerned. With no grout or other surface imperfections to harbour dirt and germs, its easy clean surface is the natural choice for areas where cleanliness is paramount. Unlike ceramic tiles, a welded PVC cladding installation is watertight and moisture cannot penetrate through to the substrate, causing costly damage.

Pioneered by Altro with their Whiterock cladding product, many other options are now available with equal, or possibly superior, performance and warranty.

Installed using either trims or, where extra diligence is needed, thermoformed corners and welded joints, our cladding systems offer unparalleled reliability, durability and performance.

Installed with the same care and attention to detail as our other systems and with the same project management, we believe our service is second to none.

But, that’s for you to decide.

Please contact us for further information regarding the colour options available.

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