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Retro-fitting Tactile Direction Guidance Modules

To increase the variety of our tactile systems, this product was primarily designed as an additional aid for the visually impaired in an emergency evacuation scenario.

The modules are small and inexpensive add-ons which are attached  to an existing handrail to deliver fire evacuation information.

These modules are 600mm long by 12mm wide and thermoformed from 2mm polycarbonate. They can be attached with screws, rivets or other mechanical means - or with very high bond double sided tape.

Usual placement is underneath on “mop-stick” handrails or on the inside face of larger section handrails.

Two modules are available, one which has cues indicating direction of travel using the standard  “if it feels smooth, you’re going towards the fire exit. If you come up against the step of the wedge - you’re going away from the fire exit”.  

The second module has a series of three semi-spherical “bumps” which indicate a 90 degree change in direction is needed.

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